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Creative Director Josh Ronisky Headshot

Josh Ronisky

Founder & Creative Director

Josh Ronisky is the Founder & Creative Director of the brand.  He is originally from Kings Park, NY on Long Island. He previously worked for his then family business, a manufacturer of dress forms and custom displays. 


In 2010, his parents funded the launch of a new custom display & dress form manufacturing company named VMR Forms. 


During his time at his family business and at VMR Forms, Josh worked with several brands such as J.Crew, Alice+Olivia, Vans, and Coach.   This is where he was exposed to the fashion and the creativity of the industry which he learned to appreciate and love.  Unfortunately VMR Forms ceased its operation in October 2015.


 Josh in 2020 relocated to Indiana . He used this as a stepping stone to regroup and bring Surele back to life. 

 About Josh

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